Some words about me and my experience


Hello, my name is Inga 

If I would start to write down everything about my life in this setting, it would never end.Therefore I try to keep it short ( hope it works )
I was born in Germany and started my first education there.
I always had a deep love for people and therefore I decided to pursue my first training as a certified nurse. After graduation I soon found out that I would like to receive deeper medical knowledge and trained as an natural health practitioner. 
Life had a lot of challenges and after I got married I decided to take it up a notch, changing from employed work to self employment. During this transitional time I certified as an aromatherapist and beautician. This led to the opening of my first holistic spa, all treatments based on my in deep medical knowledge.

Another big change was coming up when the chance came around to leave Germany and to move to the USA.
So I sold my business and started a new adventure.

I was mentored for 7 years as an Yoga student, eventually leading to the decision to certify as an Yoga Instructor (which I did as an Yoga Alliance certified Teacher). I completed various trainings with leading Yoga Instructors all over the world trying to create my own style.
Due to an injury that left me completely depressed I found my way into an additional Yoga practice -Yin Yoga. This made me feel like I got complete as a Teacher and this is how I am teaching. I focus on the individual special needs and wishes, making this experience whole.

I certified as an Thai massage practitioner and Ayurvedic massage practitioner as well and this brought my individual treatments to a higher level.
All of this, combined with me being a nutritionist and psychological adviser built my foundation as a holistic body worker and teacher.

My training teachers and aromatherapist started a couple of years back.
The first aromatherapy training programs are dating way back into the 1990s, my first Yoga teacher programs started while being abroad in 2011.

You made it through the end, thanks for reading.
Take care and make some time for yourself,


yours Inga

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