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Inga Owner Ma'Alabi


Inga,a native of Germany is no stranger to traveling and living across the globe. This experience makes her your perfect guide to the areas and regions you may want to explore. A certified nurse andhealth care practitioner qualified from a leading European institute, Inga is passionate about offeringothers the opportunity to uncover their health and well-being and awaken their adventurous self through bespoke travel. Her medical experience included being part of an organ transplant team in Germany in her early nursing career. This knowledge along with her kind,em[pathetic,warm personality will make her your home away from hoe friend and guide. Now living in Donegal,Ireland with her husband Rainer,she is a frequent visitor to Europe and the country of her birth.


Rainer,German born,is Inga's husband. He has also led a life of travel and adventure,having worked and experiences life in Jordan,Tanzania,Belize,America and now lives with Inga in Donegal,Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way. The organizational mind of an engineer and a passionate travel enthusiast,Rainer will ensure your experience is on time,on schedule and in budget. Imagine hi as a family member taking care of your travel essentials whether it is for health,well-being or adventure breaks. A coonoisseur of great food and wine he will also awaken your inner well-being through opportunities to join him white water kayaking,sailing,hiking and discovering the great outdoors.

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Rainer Owner of Ma'Alabi
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