Christmas markets in Germany

Christmas markets belong to my most cherished traditions, during the holiday season. Like some people are craving their daily coffee or other things, I am addicted to Christmas!

My family always tells me, that I am behaving like a little child. Honestly? I don't mind. Every year, I simply can't wait for my winter magic to happen. The first ingredient for my joy is the advent calendar, of course. Second in line: CHRISTMAS MARKET! Going into town in anticipation of the first glimpse of the huge Christmas tree. Happy, here I come! Inhaling deeply the mixed aromas of fir needles, spices, mulled wine, gingerbread... Even writing this, my mouth starts to water. Next, to the first stall. Doesn't matter, what comes first. Gingerbread, Bratwurst, or a nice glass of mulled wine. I am definitely in! Being with my loved ones, sharing this is wonderful. Add a little snow and I am unstoppable. I know, this year is very difficult for all of us. Not being able to share a hug, being close to each other. Try to bring change to the current situation. Share a virtual hug, start baking some treats, and send them out. Carol along with your buddies online..., the cheer is not lost. Please believe me, better times will come. We are not alone.

A little history on Christmas markets

Actually, Christmas markets originated in medieval times. People were preparing for the normally hard winters. First, they purchased the necessary goods, for survival. Over time vendors started to sell some little gifts, like sweets or wooden toys.
The oldest Christmas market in Germany is believed to be the "Dresdner Striezelmarkt". He was first mentioned in scripts in the year 1434.


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