Delicious Food regionally produced in Germany

We pride ourselves in working with handpicked Companies that are producing great authentic quality to please your palate.  


Award winning

100 %

family-owned Company since 1927 * own production * recyclable material Proudly Made in Germany  *

  * long-lasting design * without BPA * energy efficient

Why do we do it?



We believe that creative and innovative ideas make the world a better place to live. We have the ability to develop and manufacture unique products. That makes people happy. How do we do it? With our craftsmanship and unique know-how, our production is sustainable and modern – original in Erbach im Odenwald. Good design with a clear conscience. What do we make? Beautiful, contemporary, and long-lasting products for a happy life.


What we believe


"Zeit & Genuss"

in beautiful southern Hesse

This special partner knows everything about food and drink.

All products are regionally sourced and a true delight.

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