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Hello, first of December

The first of December has been always very special to me. Every year, I could barely sleep, waiting impatiently for the morning. First thing, I went to the living room, or kitchen and my Christmas magic began! During my early years, my mother had a fabric Christmas tree with pockets for each day, but honestly, I never liked it. I think it was because of my elder brother,

we had to open each pocket together and it felt like a competition. ( Did I mention, that I am not competitive at all? ). So, a few years later my mother achieved some "wisdom" and each of us had our own calendar, filled with chocolate. Those were different from the ones you can find now. We had actual chocolate figures ( not hollow )and each picture was handpainted.

So beautiful. First door open, just 23 more.

A little history about the advent calendar.

The first report regarding a Christmas countdown is from the year 1838 and originates from Johann Hinrich Wichern. He led a rescue house for troubled boys and wanted to give them some joy, making it easier to wait for Christmas. He used a chandelier, decorated with a fir needle wreath and candles. Each day it was lit during prayer, followed by singing Christmas carols. There are so many other facts related to the calendar, but I do not intend to bore you.

Enjoy your first day of December. Take some time for yourself and smile.

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