Baked Apple Pate

Baked Apple Pate


Our tasty baked Apple Liver Pate' makes your holidays memorable. The sweetness of the apple meets the creaminess of the Liver-Pate'. Delicious! Simply lean back on a cold Winter's day and enjoy in front of an open fire. A dream comes true.

40% Pork, 25% Porkliver, Cream, Egg, Bacon, Stone Salt
2% Apple, Pineapple, Onions,
modified Starch, Spices, Stone Salt
( including: Celery, Mustard ), Cinnamon, Aroma, Dextrose, Vanilla
Preservatives: Natriumnitrite
Antioxidants: Ascorbine Acid, Natrium Ascorbate
Thickener: Carragreen
Acidifier: Citric Acid

Nutritional Value:
100g contain on average:
Calorific Value: 1.135 kJ / 265,2 kcal
Fat: 22,2 g
thereof saturated fatty Acid: 8,6 g
Carbohydrates: 1,9 g
therefof Sugar: 1,4 g
Protein: 10,6 g
Salt: 1,58 g

unopened 12 months
opened, chilled +7* Celsius

Packaging Unit: 100g Glass

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