Garlic meat in the glass

Garlic meat in the glass

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Definetely not suited for Vampires! 
Fun aside, this is a especially hearty Taste explosion. The diced Pork is refined with natural spices and is cooked gently in the glass. It is enjoyed cold.

85% Pork, Water, Stone Salt, 2% Garlic, Dextrose, Spices ( incl.Celerey )
Preserving Agents: Natriumnitrite
Antioxidants: Ascorbine Acid, Natriumascorbate
Acidifier: Natriumacetate

Nutritional value:
100g contains approximately:
Calorific value: 1.226,7 kJ / 293kcal
Fat: 27,7g
thereof saturated fatty acids: 10,5g
Carbohydrates: 0,4g
thereof Sugar: 0,2g
Protein: 11,6g
Salt: 2,54g

unopened 12 months
opened +7*Celsius in the fridge

Packaging unit: 200g glass

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