German Sausage for frying or grilling

German Sausage for frying or grilling

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  A little trip to Germany right in the comfort of your own kitchen. The sausage can directly be grilled or fried. Add a little bit of mustard, ketchup or horseradish ( one of my favorites ) and you are virtually in Germany.

These mouthwatering Sausages (Bratwursts) let people dwell in memories of Germany. Or starting the desire to visit.( The recipe is unique in the world and the sausages are produced in this way only in the village of Hof. What makes them unique is the extra smooth filling.
With canned sausages you are always prepared to enjoy the first rays of sunlight and you are guaranteed the first at the BbQ!

Drained net weight: 320g
Total net quantity:  750g

72% Pork, Bacon, Water, Stone Salt, Spices ( incl. Celery, Mustard ), Herbs, Dextrose Lactose, Spice extracts

Stabilizer: Diphosphat, edible casing
Brine: Water, Stonesalt
Antioxidants: Natriumascorbate

Food value:
 contain approximately:
Calorific value: 1.226,7 kJ/ 293 kcal
Fat: 27,7g
thereof saturated fatty acids: 10,5g
Carbohydrates: 0,4g
thereof Sugar: 0,2g
Protein: 11,6g
Salt: 2,54g

up to 12 months unopened
opened chilled +7* Celsius in the fridge

Packaging unit: 
320 g tin

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