Hessian Pesto with 7 herbs

Hessian Pesto with 7 herbs


This Pesto transfers you immediately to the beautiful region around Frankfurt am Main. It is made with 7 different herbs specific for recipes with the famous  "gree Soss " ( green sauce ). A true delight. This Pesto accompanies beautifully Mozzarella, salads, or as a spread on a fresh loaf of bread! It can be used as a dip, with Bratwurst ( sausages from the Bbq ) or Schnitzel. If you are the classic type, you can enjoy it with Pasta and Antipasti. (mixed Italian starters )


The herbs are:  Kerbel ( chervril ) Petersilie ( parsley ), Sauerampfer ( sorrel ), Pimpinelle, Borretsch ( borrage ), Kresse ( bitter-cress ) and Schnittlauch ( chives ).

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