MIAOU Tube Squeezer

MIAOU Tube Squeezer


Product Information

Like the most watchful of cats, nothing escapes MIAOU's attention night or day. As she twists and turns, she squeezes every tube dry, ensuring that none of its contents remain trapped inside. MIAOU is also in her element wherever anything needs to be dispensed with precision. Whether it’s mayonnaise, mustard, toothpaste, hair gel or hand lotion, glue or shoe polish – she stands surety that none will go to waste! MIAOU performs at her best on metal tubes.


Koziol werksdesign

Height in mm


Width in mm


Length in mm



  • ideal for metal tubes
  • helps control portion size
  • empties tubes perfectly, right down to the last squeeze
  • dishwasher safe, melamine free

Product number: 3711

Different colors available

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